Thursday, September 8, 2011


I no longer have acrylic nails, I had them removed last week. Now I have my own "natural" fingernails. They are weak and flimsy since I had acrylic on them for over a year. I purchased a natural nail strengthener from Ulta yesterday and some Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins that contain Biotin.

I have a fun nail technician who creates the coolest designs with acrylic nail powder. He custom mixes his powders and uses many original techniques. Here is an picture of acrylic powders:

Here is a picture of what my nails looked like:

And here are my natural nails:

I was surprised my nails were this long! I hope with a little TLC my nails will be a perfect ten.

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  1. Amy, you have pretty nails. They'll strengthen up with the right care. I've never had acrylics but I used to bite them something terrible. With some good quality nail strengthener, vitamins and TLC I'm proud to say that my nails are often the envy of my friends.

    Good for you for getting rid of the acrylics!