Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love to use facial masques, epecially homemade ones. Recently I started featuring a Masque of the Week {MOTW} on this blog. The Actifirm Actilift Firming Mask does just what is says ~FIRMS. And the results are immediate and awesome.

The Actilift Firming Mask is made with the exclusive Actipeptide mushroom extract, which helps to improve the appearance of sagging, aging skin in minutes. This mask lifts, tightens and firms while also hydrating, protecting and nourishing your skin. Actilift Firming Mask contains many powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts that protect and brighten the skin. Pure orange and grapefruit peels give this mask a light citrus scent. The mask adds luster to your skin as well as tightens. You can use the Actilift Firming Mask on your face, neck and decollete area. 

To use: Apply about a quarter size of product in a thin layer to very damp face. Apply using an upward motion. Let dry and wash off in 8- 10 minutes.

I first applied the mask to only one side of my face so I could see it working. As the mask began to dry, my face became taut and tight, almost freakishly so! I rinsed it off after the allotted time and compared. One side of my face was definitely firmer, epecially around my chin and jawline. I had to do the other side of my face so it could be tight and toned, too! Didn't want to look lopsided, ya know!

This mask would be great to use before going to a big event, when you want to look your very best. I use it a couple of times a week to maintain firmness. The Actilift Firming Mask is another great product in the Actifirm skincare line.

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Enjoy your bright, tight skin :)

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