Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'll Drink to That

Can drinking wine keep you youthful? Many studies have shown that wine, red wine in particular, contains anti-aging properties. Red wine is rich in polyphenol antioxidants, minerals and resveratrol. Antioxidants absorb damaging free radicals that play a role in aging and age-related diseases. Resveratrol is known for its anti-cancer, anti-aging, antiviral and cardioprotective effects. Resveratrol is found in grapes, pomegranate, blueberries and cranberries.

Dr. Richard A. Baxter, MD, plastic surgeon and author of Age Gets Better with Wine, said drinking a glass of red wine a day is the single most important thing you can do besides nonsmoking, from an anti-aging pont of view. But he cautions you can have too much of a good thing. He recommends one glass a day for women and two glasses a day for men. Drinking more than recommended can have the opposite effect on your appearance and health.

A glass a day and your skin will glow. As anti-aging advice, this is as good as it gets.




  1. Amy,
    I'll toast you on Tuesday with a nice Beaujolais!


  2. OK I'm convinced. I'll go get some red wine right after I drop the kids at the pool. Maybe I should pick up some blueberries too (:just to be on the safe side of beautiful:)

  3. By this I will abide - not that I needed an excuse or anything..CHEERS to glowing skin!